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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adventure Group UUM 4A ( KLK)


Hello everybody. This entry I just wants to share with you all about my KLK ( Kegiatan Luar Kampus) for my curriculum at UUM in Adventure Group. Now is the last semester for curriculum activities. At UUM, many curriculum are provided to all students joined it. Such as students roaming, Force Reserve Officer Training ( PALAPES), sports science, clothing, family development and so on. For apart of curriculum are involved 4 semester only except Force Reserve Officer Training ( PALAPES) and Polices Undergraduate Voluntary Corp ( SUKSIS). They have to involved their curriculum in 6 semester.


                                          Force Reserve Officer Training ( PALAPES)

                                   Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corps ( SUKSIS)

                             Hiding from intruders. Nice clothes right? HAHAHA.

For this last semester, our curriculum on last month of March 2013 are involved us to hiking at Gunung Jerai, Kedah for 3 days, 2 nights. My members all 26 students are joined together plus with my our lecture, Che Mat and Cikgu Rahim and his friends, Abang Ajis are joined us also to be a leader for hiking to reach peak. We are very tired at the day when hiking with a large bag at behind. This is very adventure. At the time, I feel like surrender too. HAHAHA. At my heart also said " I was regret choose this curriculum". But, after arrived at the reach peak, my feel change automatically with green tree, fresh air and very nice place at the place. At the reach peak has a beautiful chalet and a nice scenery. Its very suitable for people who likes to photoshoot. I fall in love with the place. Oh my god! <3

When arrived there, we find the place to pairs tent before raining. After an hour, raining once. After that, we start to cooking in a group. My group menu is meat soup and sardines. Okay, stop here. So long i think. Hahaha. By the way,  i love adventure and i will miss this moments also my adventure group friends. :) Take care you all and see you next time. Thanks for reading.:) * Beautiful memories from this pictures. :D

                                    Take a picture before continue our journey. :)

                                                        Arggh, so far!

                                                    Smile at the morning! ;)

                                       Packing our food in plastic bag

                                                  We are here! HAHAHA

                                                 Our lecture give a briefing

                                                    We are together

                                          Sweet memories. :):):)...TATA.:D


Assalamua'laikum. Dah baca, sudi- sudi la tinggal komen tuu. SATU pun cukup laa. hehe