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Monday, April 29, 2013

World of Photographer


Hye all. Nowadays, many people likes crazy with a lot of types of camera to takes a beatiful scene right?. Usually who likes to be a photographer. Many types of camera nowadays,  such as  Nikon, Canon EOS, Olympus, Sony Cybershot, Samsung, Excell and so on. I have two friends who a being crazy with the photographer. They are Mohd Amizam Rusli ( Amizam ) and Zarul Fais ( Zarul ). Many pictures had be taken by them and they are experts in this fields.



      They are talented photographer. I proud have friends like them..:)

Many pictures had been taken by them. At below have a few of pictures who are be taken by them.

Okay, who wants to know them, you all  can find them at facebook. HAHAHA. :D

           Okay, that all for this entry. Daaa. :)


Assalamua'laikum. Dah baca, sudi- sudi la tinggal komen tuu. SATU pun cukup laa. hehe