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                                                                            RUNNING MAN

When the holidays arrive, mission to download movie be started which is best and very pierced heart. HAHAHA. At UUM, when it's only Tuesday,  I must be busy go to my friends room to take a mad funny story from Korea there. It story is Running Man. When watching this show very funny. It did not matter how many ages already, must be laughing at funny scenes of them. Among them the actors are Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Jaesuk, Kang Gary, Haha, Suk Jin, and the last that interests me most Lee Kwang Soo. Arghhh, can be crazy seeing him because he is very handsome. HAHAHA.

A little story about Running Man. This story actually had long run. Commenced on July 11, 2010 again. About  3 years old this story aired. This story is a reality show without a script (Game Show). It spontaneously sheet. If near Malaysia often screened on Friday and Saturday at Astro.

There are 10 reasons why many Malaysians interested in this story:

1. The concept of a unique program with different missions for each episode.

2. Characteristics of each character in a different Running Man and has its own specialty.

3. No Man Running scripts in various possible causes and many unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

4. Each character in Running Man does not control macho, cover kiss or were pretending to be someone else. All be yourself and natural during the recording process.

5. Invited guests different almost every week to make this show more interesting (especially if female guests present).

6. Sound editing of the Running Man production. Great crews and more. It is said there are more than 10 cameras for recording every episode of Running Man.

7. Each character has a sense of humor is very high.

8. Places to visit for recording Running Man episode very-very interesting.

9. Drama, romance, fights and friendships in the Running Man.

10. Lee Kwang Soo, the traitor.

Okay, that all for today. Hehe. Thank you for reading.

This picture is someone I like in Running Man. He is Lee Kwang Soo!


                        Handsome guys- Lee Kwang Soo

All members in Running Man


  1. penat diorang duk lari....bila laa nak berhenti tuu

  2. hahaha. sampai semua bosan tengok dorang lari.:D

  3. giraffe + betrayal person = lee gwang soo..hahahah

  4. HAHAHA. betray pun i still like him lol.:P


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