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Hye all. This entry is only as regards the introduction of me as this is my first time I established a hand in assignments STID 1103 (Computer Applications in Management). For an IT illiterate like me, is quite difficult in this blog assignments. HAHAHA. Okay, my name is Nurizwanie Bt Abdul Rashid. Matric number 213647. You can call me Izwanie, Wanie, Wawa, Ninie and glamour as "Peah". Ohh, beautify that name. Completed 21 years in this September 2013. Still young. The eldest of four brothers - and sisters. A small family. Very close homesick when they are away from them. I live in Kangar, Perlis. :) Now studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia in Bachelor of Human Resource Management with credit for 3 years. Not too long laa in my studies likes other courses.. Now, only two semesters are leaving. I am a very very friendly and loves to be outdoors activities. Such as hiking, canoe, cycling and blaa blaa blaa. huhuhu. Most taboo thing when there are people like high voice when talking and no sleep disorder. Meaning, like the phone ringing, tap the door to put together and when awakened in a way that when hear that, like want to collapse the earth. After waking that, surely fever. This is true. Sometimes, my mother always made ​​the way it's kind. I always sleep on the floor, so to ease her work for wake up me to prayers, she would shout from first floor.HAHAHA : D. Ok, A little bit about my background. This video songs for you all. Song sung there is competition time singing group kat DPP Sime Darby. First place you all. HAHAHA. Thank you for reading.:)


  1. Salam kenal Nurizwanie...welcome to blogger world...huhu

  2. this assignment make me crazy..hahahah=)

  3. HAHAHA. same as me yang buta IT. :3

  4. Good! The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


Assalamua'laikum. Dah baca, sudi- sudi la tinggal komen tuu. SATU pun cukup laa. hehe